Artistic Value in Video Games

I wanted to talk about this for a while now, but I couldn't find the words to clarify my point. I have seen articles and news articles over the years about how to shoot schools and violent children because of violent video games. There is no real evidence or research to support it, but I can't be angry. They say they are just something a child plays, they reject, and they say there is nothing positive that comes out of playing games. Every generation people find what they blame for all the bad behaviors of children. People blame books, art, movies, music, and video games right now in the hot seat. All forms of media and art go through this before they are known for the value they place on society. Games let you experience creativity that can be drawn from all art forms. You are the person who pushes the story that could have been read from a page, makes the decisions that the actor is directed to take, experience the scene that can be seen from a board, and you are the person who tests the music that was created for the game. All these types of art are combined to offer an experience, if done correctly, that can last with people forever.

I remember playing a game called Fallout 3 and I was given an option. I can disarm a bomb for a town in exchange for coins or detonate the bomb, next to the city, to get more coins. Since I made the decision to save the city the last time I played this time, I've decided to see how the game will change if the bomb explodes. After the explosion, I visited the city once. There was only one survivor. She had no idea that I exploded in the city and was still feeling cheerful and thankful just because I went out in time. Now I know she just survived because she provided questions in the game, but that moment was stuck with me. This is the only girl who has been physically altered by explosion and radiation. I never regretted this powerful way before this moment. I wanted to go back to the previous save, but I couldn't do it. I sat there for a while and looked at the screen as I looked at what my actions caused and at that moment I was playing more than just a game. I was having something different. Something I haven't experienced before can be games more than just a game play or something to kill time. It can express creativity and passion like any other great work of art.

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