Blue Whale Game – Its Challenges, Dares, Consequences and Safety Measures

The Blue Whale has taken over the world from the storm due to the bold challenges it presents to its player. The game is dangerous as many children and teenagers have taken their own lives. The game requires each player to complete 50 missions that pose a threat to their lives.

What a game is all about its origin

Created by Philipp Budeiki, Blue Whale Game was created in 2013 in Russia that killed many children and young people. After that, the game spread online and caused many deaths and resulted in self-harm throughout the world. The Creator stated that this game was made to remove biological waste and kill those who he considered weak and not worth living.

Challenges and audacity

50 Ware of Blue Whale Game is created wisely, as it has the ability to manipulate the player to hurt himself and eventually lead to death. Some of the most dangerous life that dare to play this game include:

  • Wake up at 4:20, go to the roof
  • Watch scary videos in the middle of the night
  • Carve a whale on the hand using a razor
  • Hurting yourself and chopping yourself if you're not ready to be a "whale"
  • Climb the crane or stand on the bridge
  • Visit the rail and climb the roof with dangling legs
  • Climbing from the ceiling

All tasks are dangerous but some are so scary that they are strong enough to kill the player's will to live.

Consequences Game Blue Whale

A total of 50 missions are designed in the way they kill the will of the person and make him weak from the inside. They are unable to talk and share this problem with anyone and depression and isolation slowly. At the end of the 50 missions, the player dares to force the player to kill himself due to the intense mental pressure the player faced during the time of completing fifty Blue Whale Challenges.

Safety measures, how you can save yourself and your loved ones

It's not just saying prevention is better than cure because some things are incurable. First, avoid and kill any desire you have to play this game, whether out of curiosity, anxiety or excitement.

Second, don't click on the links sent to you because this game is already online. If you suspect that someone in your circle or family is not behaving normally, try to find out immediately if they are playing this game.

Prevent them from reaching this game and help them on emotional levels. You can save a child or person from this dangerous suicide game only when you are quite familiar. Learn the consequences of the game and stay away from it.

Try to stop anyone who is interested in playing this game. The game is also known by other names like Sea of ​​Whales and A Silent House; wake me up at 4:20 am and many other names. It is necessary to follow precautions to be safe instead of letting curiosity take you to work at extreme levels.

If you experience any emotional problems, remember that help is available and you can resolve it. Don't let stupid suicide games fool you and catch you into something you can't escape from later.

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