Cafe World Cash – How to Get Free Cafe World Cash

Would you like to get Cafe World in cash for free? Well, if you don't want to use your hard earned money at World World Cafe, here are some things you might want to do.

Get CW Free Cash by settlement quickly
The most common method to get a free CW dollar is to raise the level quickly. Each level you win, gives you one CW. So the easiest and simplest way to store these funds is by settling quickly.

To upgrade quickly, you must keep two things in mind. First, you'll need to know which foods are best for cooking to maximize your EXP points. Some foods are better than others in terms of EXP in this game. Don't be fooled. The more expensive the level, the more likely the dishes do not necessarily mean an increase in each dish.

The second point that you should know as high as possible is to know when to cook and prepare your dishes. Creating a timetable about your use of the Internet to cook dishes is the most effective way to upgrade quickly. If you use the Internet often, cook foods that require a short amount of time to complete. This will give you the opportunity to prepare many of these "short dishes" throughout the day, allowing you to store as much of your experience as you want in a day.

Get CW Cash for free by doing quizzes and surveys
Another way to earn free chemical weapons dollars is surveys and tests. Surveys and tests can be found on the "Get More Cafe World Cash" tab in the game.

Although surveys and tests may seem like a good idea, these tasks can be boring and you may install viruses or malware on your computer. So if you decide to use surveys or tests as a source, be sure to identify the surveys you run.

Is there a better way to make chemical weapons dollars without focusing on compromise and conducting hazardous surveys or tests?

Earn lots of free cash cafe world with Cafe Domination World Guide
If you don't want to focus on leveling, testing or surveys to get a lot of free dollars for chemical weapons, it's highly recommended to use the secrets in the Cafe World Domination Guide.

This guide consists of the best secrets known only by top chefs to store chemical weapons dollars quickly and easily. The guide will show you exactly how to create a CW cash system to grow your balance.

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