Call of Duty Warzone Anti cheating

Long story short I play on console and I was allergic to all roads. I was feeling comfortable all the time but I assumed I was bad at the game because I only started playing about two months ago. A friend of mine told me that my allergy was broken and he told me how to fix it.

Only in the last two days have I seen a crazy improvement in my statistics and game. As if I do not believe it. My score in the minute went from 40ish to triple numbers. The average death toll for each game is now 0.5. All this in just two days. Now I am afraid that I have been accused of cheating because of the dramatic improvement and picking up the ban hammer.
Is there some kind of algorithm that I should worry about or cheat based on the report?

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  1. Dog-5 July 2, 2020
  2. sh_ip_ro_ospf July 2, 2020

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