Call of Duty Warzone Assistance

Hello all,

I'm still somewhat new to shooters (as I grew up playing more RPG and Story games) and I really moved on to shooters in the past year and a half or so and changed the games I'm playing.

WARZONE is the one I enjoy playing Solo I'm fine – still not winning but the top ten regular.

When I play with my brother (who is very good like his friends) I always feel I am pregnant because I am very afraid to take part in the fighting and he tells me a lot what to do. It is almost instinctive to take a step back and wait for me to be told (of course I will make clear decisions, etc.)

I was just hoping for some general advice on the world of Warzone and some players might have learned advice and advice on how to improve my game and be better in combat and more confident because I love playing but I feel the huge improvement areas are clear.

I also like advice on, for example, what time airdrops land what does and what does not.

Maybe some control tips like in Dropshting and Jumpshotting. Still when it comes to getting involved in combat.

Thanks for reading and appreciate any advice!


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