Call of Duty Warzone Basic strategies/tips – primarily for people who play solos and want to suck less

I'm not a race in any way, in fact I'm probably bad compared to most of the people in this subsection. Through 800 games she won 20 wins and 1.15 Kuwaiti dinars. It was the first 150 games or something very difficult. This is the first first-person shooter game in years (I used to play the aura a lot a day). These are the lessons I learned along the way, and I wished to be useful to others here. This is directed towards medium / below average players who want to improve – mainly in solos.

Warning: Video games should be fun, so you have to play in a way that you enjoy. But I enjoy it when I do a good job, so this is geared towards improvement rather than fun.

1. Guns – You need to follow the metadata. People here hate the Grau / MP5 group, but it gives you the best chance of winning matches constantly. Some people are good enough to use identification weapons and are still successful. I am not really that guy. If you are using F2P, Grau unlocking can be very difficult (not to mention bruen). In this case, you can equip the M4 for the long run. Either way, upgrade the M4 / Grau and MP5.

2. MLM – for solos I recommend ghost. Others are up to you more, but if you're trying to improve, you'll want to get the element of surprise as much as possible. Use stealth, and make sure your heart rate sensor is loaded.

3. Weapon Maker – Prepare your rifles for their intended purpose. If you want to do well, don't worry about looks – the job only. Your MP5 should be directed toward ADS speed and / or hip fire accuracy. M4 / Grau must be built for spoilage and bounce control. There are a lot of posts on the correct attachments to these weapons.

4. Drop Site – Repetition is the key. I tried to drop the same place every time to feel the strategies. Choose a place where you will also meet people. For me this was at the TV station. Its location is central so that it is not far from the circle. I reached the highest level, erased it, then worked my way down – took it slow, listened, and tried to control my connections. I did it in every game, got to know my weaknesses, learned every room, etc. She passed away several times, but after a while it became more comfortable.

5. Play – Regarding the above, you will not get a better drop in the middle of nowhere and camping. She'll survive for a while, but it's not a long-term strategy for success. This is another reason for choosing a TV station. It's a mostly warm spot – not a supermarket, but enough of the people you'll get into early fights.

6. Circle Strategy – Take your time and choose your points. Do not stop in the open. Quickly run to and from the cover and learn to slide the slide. I love to embrace the gas towards the end of the game – but others hate this strategy. Do whatever you want, but either way, choose the places that limit your weaknesses. Think about where people can see you and pay careful attention to those places. Also pay attention to the sound of the game and hear the footsteps.

These are not silver bullets to win, but they will help you improve. Again, this is mostly intended for solo, but a lot of it goes to the bands as well. In general, repetition was the key to me. Trying to limit variables (i.e. not to go down in a new place unfamiliar with each match) helped a lot. But camping didn't do that – I started to improve more quickly once I started warm spots (I am now a supermarket addict).


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