Call of Duty Warzone Companion App Update 2.9 is Live – Patch Notes inside

Hello all! We worked hard on the Call of Duty Companion app! Update 2.9.0 is now available on Google Play and the iOS App Store. We have added new features like Battle Pass Gifting, Store, and Ops Results. We've also heard your comments about the issues you reported to Ops. We spent time getting to know the core of these issues so that you will have a great experience. See the full patch notes for 2.9.0 below.


* Gift Battle Pass – 🎁 Give your friends a gift of up to 100+ unlockable bonuses.
* Store – πŸ›οΈ Check out the latest in-game store right from your phone.
* Team Results Screen – πŸŽ–οΈ Display the results of the previous weekly tournaments.


* Match History – πŸ”« Gear data in multiplayer match details
* Notifications & Privacy Settings – An updated look to help you manage the notifications you want.


* Static heat maps sometimes do not display hotspot data
* The fixed privacy policy on some devices has been cut by the bottom bar
* How age statistics are displayed has been improved to better reflect in-game
* Ops will now display a "Session Ended" error screen if the user needs to re-register to see the data
* Processes have been updated with minor visual improvements and added download statuses
* Fixed formations with a non-joinable space character in the name
* Fixed leaving a squad and then restarting the app to show the tournament is inactive
* Fixed a team mod with invalid description not showing correct error
* Fixed the number of team members showing the wrong count when unlocked from the tournament screen
* Fixed the Buddy Achievement homepage widget showing blank if no data
* Friends Feed now displays a "No Data" error screen if there is no data
* Slight visual polishing, translation, and performance improvements

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