Call of Duty Warzone Games not starting / DEV Error 426 – PS4

Just before the S4 update, I'd like to say a week ago, I started to experience this terrible and painful thing: games didn't start.

My PS4 has been gently cleaned and found (which is OG Glacier White). No noise at all. No hotter.

Open ports on my router, in NAT game are shown as open but still can join games but i'll be stuck on download screen (which contains tips). Sometimes they start, sometimes they don't, and I can't do anything to fix that. just wait. And I get this DEV 426 error.

Anyone else tried this? Or am I hallucinating? Is it a type of defect that no one notices? Is it my ISP (no doubt I can run all online games perfectly perfectly, and NAT is open)? Is it my PS4 (barely playing, cleaning and removing dust)?

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  1. Standingonachair July 3, 2020

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