Call of Duty Warzone New player here, what’s up with the audio and is there anything I can do to make it not awful?

So far I like the game. This is the first COD I've played since 2 (yes COD 2, not MW2) and among all the royal games I've played, this defo is the most fun. Engaging Guns Combat, it is not very difficult to get loot / guns and place them quickly.

However, what is the sound? I've seen one of the hottest posts here (talks about it) ( but it doesn't look like I found any advice among those comments.

The sound direction is very bad, almost can not be played. I hear this very clearly from one side, or in the back just to be shot by this person from the direction where there was a zero sound. Is it an acceptable fact that the sound is hot shit and that's it?

& # x200B;

Does anyone have any advice on directional sound improvement? I have a collection of Beyerdynamic Studios dedicated. Every other game looks good (RS6, VOLARANT etc).


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