Call of Duty Warzone New Plunder PS4 bug/error? Whenever I complete a Plunder match, I get an “Error: Game Lobby Closed” after the summary screen. Discounts all progress/XP achieved.

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, or whether it is just me.

I do last Talon Leather Challenge ("Complete two Plunder games with Talon as your player"). After completing one she counts progress, since then every time I complete a Plunder match, the game freezes on the match summary screen for about 30 seconds (murders, completed contracts, etc.) appear, then I get a popup error message: ** "ERROR The game lobby is closed. " **

Then he resigns from the main menu. When I check on my XP, I faced the challenge of progressing etc. – None of them were counted from the match, nor was any progress made in the challenges, so I'm stuck in 1/2 completed on Talon skin.

any other person?


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