Call of Duty Warzone (PC) Has anyone else encountered something like this?

** System specification: **
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700x
GPU: 870 2070 GB Super (VRAM use is about 4.1 GB)
RAM: 16 GB
No background apps running (except for basic services)

** Geographical Area: ** India (playing on servers ** Asia **)

Warzone has not yet played S4. I had bought MW soon after the release of S4, and I was crushing Damascus guns over MP (which works perfectly fine) until I decided to play some solos today, and here you go.
The game also randomly crashes the first few times with Dev Error 6037. You didn't get this issue in Warzone when I played earlier (before S4). I've seen some posts on the gun / target's disappearance, but there's nothing wrong with Gulag like this. The game also freezes after I leave the game and I have to kill her to stop it.

Any known fixes?

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  1. Samvid25 July 16, 2020

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