Call of Duty Warzone Pitted against higher skilled players

It seems like I go to pressure sets when the other players are much more skilled than me and have a very precise goal.

My stats
Playing games: 125
Middle class: 3156
Kills: 281
Deaths: 310
Wins: 0
Top 10: 17

I look at my stats and it does not look good to me as the player stats, my average score is my highest score from about 15 people. I've got 0 wins, and come in second place a few times, which is the only time I came close to winning and that was my best game so far, I have been killed 10 times, but Insta dies with 3 people who left and then the match stopped and did not even give me my score and my statistics from That game bothered me.

Anyway..Now it seems like every lobby I go to is really hard and I'm really struggling to have a good time [it's a game after all, it's supposed to be fun] and I don't understand why I'm pitting against really good players?
Every game is different Yes, and if the best player wins the fight, the fair play is for them but every game looks like I'm playing the professionals, it became a joke

I've played cod since 2007 so I know how to play the game and its goals but this is just a nightmare

I also think this is a really good game and it could be great if they leveled the pitch a little bit and solved many other problems


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