Call of Duty Warzone Semi-Automatic Marksman & Sniper Rifles – Balance Pass Needed

** Problem: ** Marksman & Sniper semi-automatic rifles (EBR-14, SKS, and Dragunov) are not anywhere near as competitive as the AX-50 / HDR / Kar98.

** Assumptions: ** For the purposes of this balance, we will assume that players have a full 250 HP provided by three armored boards. You're likely to come across a fully armored player, and the primary balance on weapon performance against targets at their absolute lowest levels doesn't help us much.

** Sources: ** I use the numbers provided by Xclusive Ace in the Gun Guide section, so some of these recommendations can be based on older numbers.


* General
* Maximum ammunition capacity was increased to 100-150 for EBR-14, SKS and Dragunov aircraft.
* * Comment: The current maximum of 40 sniper rifle rounds has a major impact on heavy strikes such as AX-50 and HDR; But not the semi-automatic shotguns with low damage designed to be used with many subsequent shots *
* ** EBR-14 **
* Faster target recycling speed
* 20 round magazine as default
* * Comment: Round 10 and 15 magazine attachments reduce ADS speed, loading times, and increased traffic. Similar to how small magazine attachments work on other weapons. *
* ** SKS **
* Increase the header multiplier to 2.42x (from 1.92x) for the ability to shoot two header from close range
* * Comment: SKS still maintains three long-range header strokes *
* ** Dragonov **
* Add a target center
* * Comment: Dragonov currently lacks recycling unlike other semi-automatic rifles and the AX-50 for some reason *
* Increase the header multiplier to 2.5x (from 2x) for the ability to shoot two headsets from close range and far away
* Added bottom attachments:
* Commando Foregrip
* Tactical introduction
* Merc Foregrip
* Guardian guard
* Operator interface

** Disclaimer: ** I am not saying that it is completely impossible to do a good job or play good games with these weapons right now. Although it is good for you, I really don't care about your novels "Okay, I've got more than 10 kills with SKS in Warzone once so it's all right" guide. These weapons are used very poorly compared to "super" sniper rifles such as AX-50, HDR and Kar98.


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