Call of Duty Warzone Stop Asking to Exclude PC from Crossplay

With respect, I want to say this. Sucks cheaters, but not just console players. Although the majority of cheaters are on a computer, most computer operators are not cheaters. Computer players hate playing with cheaters like console players do.

Does it sound acceptable to say "forcing all PS4 players and players suspected or tricked to share the same pressure squads?" What if I switch PS4 on Xbox? No? Well that's what you ask all computer players when you say exclude computer from cross playing. Do you think there are a lot of cheaters now? Imagine that your pressure groups consist of the majority of cheaters and 2/3 less than the remaining player base. The percentage of cheaters in your lobbies is so high that you may not even play. Why does any player want that for any other player?

CrossPlay is great for the gaming community and an important step forward in the right direction. Stop asking to turn it off or exclude part of the community because cheaters are taking advantage of the platform they use. If cheaters are still logged in and play the game with non-cheaters, the problem is not fixed. Disabling CrossPlay in any capacity is not the answer.

Let's also address the notion of an unfair advantage between consoles and PC platforms. It is true, but it is not so simple. If you're playing on PS4 or Xbox One, your device's age ranges from 6 to 7 years. If you have the newer versions of these consoles, Pro and One S, then you are playing on almost 4 years old devices. This is a very old device to play on. Moreover, this device was not as good as the devices that were available for the PC at the time when these keys appeared! Age of the device determines the features available to the devices. For example controllers are limited to 60 FPS. Nor do they have the ability to change their FoV. These two things make a big difference! On PC, you can't set your entire FoV to 120 if you want (80 controllers), you can also play at 240fps! Add adaptive sync there too as you level up! However … very few players actually play on charged machines that can reliably drive these numbers. This will be very expensive playing most PC players on devices the same age as Pro and One S. But however, they can often handle wider FoVs and pay 60+ FPS at 1080p standard. Because of this, the computer is not covered at 60fps and can adjust FoV.

Well, that's not fair, is it? Perhaps consider this: Everyone is free to have newer devices if they want a better gaming experience. Even console players can purchase a computer and still have access to the same games available for Xbox as well as the ability to use their console if they want to. However, not everyone can afford it, which is why some people use older computers and original versions of PS4 and XBox One. It shouldn't stop them playing with their friends if they want to, even at a disadvantage, right?

So, how do you make it fair? A separate controller and a computer? Well, you still have PS4 and Xbox One playing with Pro and One S which will manage games better .. this hardware age difference is 3 years. On the PC side, there are still players with brand new hardware playing against those with older hardware. And you can't split them with video cards either. You can get a good card but the CPU is outdated and never gets more than half of the performance out of the card due to the CPU throttling it causes. Or what if the player has a brand new card, but they only have a non-gaming screen that works at 60Hz? They will never see more than 60 fps no matter how beautiful their PC is. What about controllers? The Elite console definitely has an advantage over the standard console. I think the PS4 has the equivalent of an Elite console as well. How about computer players playing with consoles versus playing with a mouse and keyboard? How about console players who play with mouse and keyboard? How about when new consoles will come out this year? The point is that it will not be * fair. * But do you know what? You can play with your friends no matter what devices you have or have and jump into large lounges with low waiting times.

I've seen people calling for the chapters to be separated by the console as well along with claims that the mouse and keyboard have an unfair advantage against the console. So I would like to touch on that as well. Both the console and mouse / keyboard have pros and cons. There are exchanges for both. With the mouse, there is the possibility to gain more control over the target but with the console, you can adjust sensitivities to achieve similar results (not 1: 1). Then you also have an auxiliary goal which if you know how to use it can give you a big advantage. For example, automatic tracking of an enemy that suddenly rushes in front of you if you are cutting or using specific optics to increase aid on the target and even slowing the intersection while moving can alert you to an enemy location that you may not do otherwise you may have noticed otherwise. Standard controllers control their inability to use the set of buttons on the far right without lifting their thumbs off the target analog stick unless the player adopts a claw like a fist on the console. Elite-type controllers can work around this issue with paddles at the bottom. Gamers who use the keyboard have a great deal of control over key connections but they also have a lot of buttons that they have to use in order to perform the same actions as console players, and like console players, they often have to remove their fingers from the movement of the keys from Order to carry out other actions. Comfortable and functional controllers have the advantage of adverb fitting. Keyboards often do not have situational links and are not comfortable for games unless you get a game console, but this is a completely different monster. M / K has the advantage of really long-term contracts, and the observer has an advantage in close-up contracts. However, when winning in gulag determines whether or not you are redistributed, this feature is very meaningful.

It's been a long time so I'll end it. The game will not be completely fair and you will not really like it if it is. Playing on older devices will give you a less-than-ideal gaming experience, and you should expect this regardless of whether you're using a PC, Xbox, or PS4. Both the mouse and keyboard controllers have their swaps, and neither is better than the other. Crossplay is an important step in the right direction in the gaming world and players should not ask to be removed or exclude part of the community. Fraud is unacceptable and the community must remain focused on that, realizing that just because most cheaters are on a computer, this does not mean that everyone on the computer is cheating. If you read all this, thank you and sorry that it was too long. Please know that none of these things were intended on all, and I hope no one will read them that way.


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