Call of Duty Warzone Visibility / Performance balanced graphics settings

Hi guys,

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I wanted to share my graphics settings with Cod Multiplayer / Warzone. These settings are the result of a lot of trial and error, Google, help from other posts and generally just what suits me.

I wanted performance and visibility, but I'm balanced while keeping the game visually appealing.


– Performance (higher tires, smoother motion)

– Easy to see through windows

– Less glare on the outside

– Scale glass is more visually clear

– There is no noticeable latency on the input

– The foliage is less concealed.

** Negatives: **

– The game can look prettier

– The shadows are very poor

– The particle light (smoke, explosions, etc.) seems weak – the upper side is that it is easy to see through.

& # x200B;

** What has changed? **

In the game settings and some screenshots are turned on (here) (

Lens Vision / Field Fix Depth: (Thanks to (u / JCglitchmaster) (

Original post (here) (

– On your computer: Go to My Documents> Call of Duty Modern Warfare> Players> config.cfg

– Looking for: setcl 1092995319

– Set it from "1" to "0".

(It wasn't there for me, I added the entire line as it seems to have to match the numerical order)

– Once all your settings are configured in the game and in the configuration file. Right-click on the configuration file and set it read-only. This will prevent the game from overwriting anything you set. I'm quite sure it fixes the infinitely resized game upon boot.

Let me know if you tried this and if it helped!

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