Call of Duty Warzone Warzone Loading Screen (XBoxOne)

I have played Warzone since its launch, without any problems at all, using my cell phone data on my phone as a hotspot (i have unlimited data). I recently “upgraded” to broadband fiber with Vodafone and since then I have found nothing but problems.
Multiplayer perfectly works to prevent accidental lags usually etc., but trying to download Warzone game results in an infinite loading screen ("Loot, Upgrade, Survive" screen). After a certain period I was expelled and given the error: "I lost the connection to the host / server. The connection timed out." I tried a single game once and it worked fine, but this was a one time.

Sometimes I get into the pre-match lobby, but as soon as I die; The camera sticks to my body and the game becomes unresponsive. I can hear continued gameplay in the background, along with the game chat, but I finally got kicked for the same reason.

What's going on here?

I called Vodafone (my IP), it enables me to UPnP, and it helped change my NAT to moderate, but no luck yet.

Can this be fixed ??


  1. SuspiciouslyCurious June 15, 2020
  2. showmethecake June 15, 2020

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