Daily Thread – There are No Stupid Questions and Share your Celebrations!! Brawlstars

A lot of the time we get questions that are overlooked, or are only applicable for a short period of time such as “which offer should I get from today’s shop?”. Our hope is that by creating a daily discussion thread that people can ask their small questions here and we can reduce some of the spam on the subreddit.

Additionally, there are dozens of posts a day of people unlocking their new Brawlers, gadgets, or star powers. It’s very exciting to unlock a new Brawler, and we share in the excitement, however we feel it would be a better fit to share all these celebrations in this combined post.

**Have a small question? Ask here! Don’t have a question? See if you can help someone in need. :)**

**Possible examples of questions and celebrations you might like to share here:**

* What Brawler should I get?
* Is this deal in the shop worth it?
* Do I buy Cupid Piper?
* I GOT A LEGENDARY from a brawl box!
* I reached _____k trophies!
* Why can I use both Mortis star powers? Is this a bug?
* When is trophy reset?
* Should I get this season’s Brawl Pass?
* What tips do you have for Leon?
* What to spend Gems on?
* Tips for pushing today?

**You’re not limited to the above, ask what you’d like! They’re just the most common ones we see.**

**Reminder to please be nice! There are no stupid questions, we were all new at some point and could have used a bit of support. 🙂 Don’t downvote people for asking questions.**

If you have any suggestions for future Discussion posts, or about the subreddit in general please send us modmail so that we can keep track of your feedback and respond in an organized manner. (Link)(https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2FBrawlstars&subject=I%20have%20a%20suggestion%20for%20the%20subreddit&message=)


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