FIFA 20 10 pointers from my first & only WL forever!!!

I skip all the background story on my FIFA experience.

Recording (Silver 1)
Saturday – LWWLWWLW

1) Button delay –
Competitors have been playing for a long time and this problem has rarely appeared. But in most games in FUT champs, I felt a slight lag in every step I took.

2) Unresponsive players –
In every game there is a time period in which players stop doing anything at all. Passes go hard, jogging is useless, and the ball will never reach the defense

3) Amnesty International was against me and for me –
If I don’t benefit from taking advantage of artificial intelligence, the results are ultimately affected. There are times when I can shoot from sharp angles and times when straight shots are fired or die straight

4) The skill level is not in a fixed location –
Of the 29 games I played, I matched similar opponents with a maximum of 10-15 games. The road is wrapped in placement matches

5) The red card helps –
I only got a red card in one game where I was 2 behind in the 60th minute. My players got super strength after that, and I won two goals. This was very clear.

6) Abandon a game –
Silver finished 1 in the 29th game and thanks to this community he dedicated the 30th match. I didn't quit though, I just did the rubber band, but what I didn't understand was why my opponent watched the replay on all the 16 goals he scored.

7) Penalties
I had 4 and won 3 games. This was one of the most stressful parts of the game, and the head trick in reverse psychology works for everyone now.

8) I played FUT founder –
When I was in a bad slide, I won in a 4-1 match, and then noticed the date that the mentioned FUT founder joined. I wonder if you've played artificial intelligence in WL

9) The team ratings don't matter –
She played with 88 + 87 teams. She won against 190 teams and lost to 175 teams. The opponents are not matched in the team's ranking. The bronze card method does not work !!!

10) Final thoughts –
When I finally reached Silver 1 with 2000 FUT Champion Points, I was confused. I was very happy to have achieved my goal, but I was wondering if I should put myself into this again. In the last four to five months of closure, FIFA was a good decision I made, to keep me engaged, but from the looks the game grabbed my emotions this weekend. One red card won't make a difference in my life. Yes, the feeling of winning is amazing, but I can't imagine what if I didn't win in my 29 or 30 games to miss 1.

I will sign up next week and nullify all victories as soon as possible to relieve some of the pressure on Y & # 39; all.

This game is not mine.


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