FIFA 20 Another BPM guide. How to turn those bronzes into 85-92 players, then into player SBCS

I know we have similar posts before, but I thought I'd put a complete guide for anyone, as now before the sbc expires, you can grind the likes of Dembele, Wijnaldum and Vicnius Junior for literally zero cost. It takes very long, but whoever doesn't want good players for free.

So I will start with the bare numbers.

For each SBC division you need at least 11 x 83-88 ranked players (Dembele has 88 divisions, but Wijnaldum has only 83 highest). Depending on the player you play, the number of teams you need depends on (for example Wijnaldum, Vicnius needs only two teams, so 22 players while Dembele needs 5 teams up to 55 players).

So you need to build 11 x 85-92 rated packs (now this will give you high score standby players, for example if you get 9 x 85 seconds, then to get 83 Wijnaldum ranked squads, you can throw them like 80 rated players and still has The ranking is a little overrated, but it simplifies it in this guide, but of course you don't waste it on SBC).

11 x 85-92 Rated = 154 common golds, 77 bronze / silver / disposal (14 gold, 7 bronze per carton)

154 Regular Gold = 39 Silver Promotion Box. 11 silver per upgrade pack means you need 429 silver players.

429 Silver Players = 143 Bronze Upgrade Packs. 11 bronze players for each upgrade package means that you need 1573 bronze players.

As you can see, it is not in small numbers and it is fun to convert them.

Now we come up with this method, how to do the most effective but also the harsh method.

First, let's get your club rid of any highly rated bronze and silver tradable cards. Browse the top five leagues (Padeburn, Norwich, etc.) and find out who got which can be traded and which can sell or end the league. Now I recommend if you are planning to play the league, then do it before starting this. We will also be throwing some silver players out of the coins directly in the promotions. You must be merciless here.

& # x200B;

Now you've scavenged your clubs for some good coins, we start the fun. Again, you only need 10 KB to start this (which you have to go back to and more) but the higher the spend initially, the easier it will be.

The first step is the opening session of the Celestial Bronze Package. Now, some are more inclined to coins that you can insert in every sbc card in the league but damn it, it's a very time consuming method. Only list which bronze you get from the top 5 leagues (Prem, Ligue 1, Seria A, Bundesliga and Seria A). Any other players store stored in the club for the next upgrade packages. Sell ​​team fitness for ~ 1k. Any other duplicates get a list of 200 bin, and it will be purchased after two attempts.

Keep opening the bronze packs until your club is equipped with bronze players, your transfer list is filled with the top 5 leagues / repetitions / fitness cards. At this point, it may decrease slightly to your initial spend but this will be refunded once your trading stack is sold etc.

The next stage is to send all these bronze players that you just filled in in the bronze upgrade packages. Very simple. Set SBC as your favorites, then use the team creator option that will automatically create a squad for you to send. Send this through. 143 times.

Then it's time for the next session opening session, which is the Silver upgrade packages. If you get any duplicates here, see if you have a negotiable copy at the club, which you can put on the transfer list for 200-300 coins. If you regularly get two or more duplicate copies that are not editable, then it's time to smash the silver upgrades, but otherwise ignore any non-negotiable products.

Once you've unlocked all of these, it's time to turn all of that silver into regular gold players. Again, in the silver upgrade, use the Team Builder function and it will do it for you. Clean your club, and we hope you have about 40 silver cans to unlock it. Pass it and you will get the combined gold medals needed for the next step. Again, when opening these packages, i.e. duplicates, check if you have anything at the club as they are currently seeking 900 coins on the market. This will help restore the initial investment to make a profit.

Almost at the end, you should now have a club with lots of golds. This next part is slower due to its high chemistry requirements. Go to 85-92 upgrade sbc. For each department you need 7 golds and 4 other cards with 70 chemistry. The fastest way to do this is to set the filter to regular gold, then go through each league and remove the shared golds from there. This way you should get the chemistry quite easily. Once he's in the league for less than a page of gold medals, I move on to another until most of my tournaments are blank. You can then do some of the nation's links for the last few bundles.

& # x200B;

Hopefully, by the end of that, you had to build 11 packs of 85-92. Along the way you get rare 22 x 1 Gold player packs that sometimes return some decent withdrawals (I have so far pulled 86 special cards, Alaba outside etc). This greatly guarantees that you will benefit from your initial expenses.

Now the fun part is opening these nicest packages. We hope you reach the highest ranking, again reducing the requirements of the SBC player you want. Do not ignore these duplicates. If you get one, go to the SBC player and try to complete a section.

Realistically 11 pack 85-92 should get Wijnaldum / Vicnius clips completed, or do section 88 of Dembele. Fill 92 means you can then throw a lot of eighties on the team and you still have the rating.

Hope you enjoy grinding (it's really grinding, stick on youtube / porn / football) and get some high quality cards for profit. Of these upgrade packages, I also got some awesome withdrawals, the best of which are either 92 UCL Kane or 91 UCL Kante. Yes, I know they are shitting at this time in the game but the day before I was decent cards I suppose. Oh, you can take FB Saint Maximin out of this ..

TL; DR, open the bronze packs and then upgrade the player.


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