FIFA 20 Couple of tips needed

Before I return to the weekend league, I hope to offer some advice on the players who get paid for you.
I watched all the defending educational programs that I find, and they all describe defense by running. It is a technique I practiced and I am good at it. The knight, wait for the right moment, then take the ball. job done!

However, the majority of the people I play against them never compete and charge me directly. It is disappointingly effective.

My questions are 2:

Is there a technique to run to the opponent, since whenever you try, you just finished running in the right past.

When attacking, what is the best way to avoid player charging? I've tried using skill or even fast deviation LB but it always recedes.

I wish I could tackle these problems, I can improve my usual Gold rating.
thank you In advance.


  1. evilpineappleAI December 22, 2019
  2. Kenajaaron December 22, 2019
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