FIFA 20 [FIFA 20] Seasons play – dealing with Messi/CR (NOT FUT)

Hi guys,

I play seasons, and I usually love playing with 4/3 stars teams but I notice that the wait time is very long because most players play with 5 stars teams, then 4/5 stars teams tried, but I still suffer against Barcelona and Juventus (whatever it is called in FIFA 20), and this is the speed. Most of the time, Messi or CR plays the entire bottom of the field to score a goal, and they do it 3-4 times in the game, a replica.

1-) Did they eliminate fatigue in the game? Like how they can run so fast and none of my defenders can stop them! I mean, I don't remember a player running from one goal to another and scoring! Sometimes you feel that Messi and CR fly!

2-) Any tips on recording from the corners?

3-) Which team would you recommend? (Not grand, so not Barcelona, ​​Real, Juvent, PSG, etc.)



  1. RayButta78 May 24, 2020
  2. browkey03 May 24, 2020

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