FIFA 20 Fifa compared to other sports games

In the latest PlayStation plus gameplay was MLB The Show, but I was bored I thought I was playing a bit despite the fact that all my baseball knowledge came from watching money money.

What I discovered was a really advanced game compared to FIFA, especially in career mode and even in their version of the final Diamond Dynasty team.

In players' career mode, you have to move from lower sections to stardom, and have a lot of features that will work perfectly in FIFA's career, such as choosing different options in conversations that open a path to the type of players you can become, for example, saying something as a leader Leads you to open qualities that reflect it.

In Diamond Dynasty, there was one feature that emerged as "moments" where you recreated a historic moment in baseball history with this people card, for example if a player gets a great tour of the house, recreate that moment with that card. Can you imagine whether you'll end up recreating a football moment using an icon card or a flashback card, for example using Roberto Carlos to score a notorious free kick goal. In exchange for completing it, she then got certain packages that suit the final team as well.

Overall though there were not enough hours in the game, it felt great progress from FIFA for its content with regular ongoing events which seem (although I'm not quite sure of tbh) to be well ground and are likely to look forward to playing more. , Because I didn't even try to get out of her manager's career mode.

TLDR: This baseball seems to have many more fun features and a more balanced game than FIFA, although FIFA has brought more money


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