FIFA 20 Finished Elite for the first time this FIFA, a few tips for how I managed to bridge the G1-E3 gap in the sweatiest WL ever.

On the mobile phone so we apologize for the coordination.

1. Do you have multiple guarding tactics – maybe obvious but I had 4,231 very defensive when faced with God's teams and more 352 offensive to play people I knew I was better than.

2. Take a break after every bad game or loss – even if it's just a minute to get some fresh air, it's very important to avoid losing streaks.

3. Watch Pro Players – Before getting started on Friday, I spent a few hours watching Hashtag Harry and two other big players on YouTube to remind you how to play the best players. Even subconsciously will definitely help.

4. Weak Foot – Attackers with Weak Foot 5 * have become more important as people sit deep and block each shot automatically, and the ability to shoot with both feet makes them guess. I used a full attack on day B and that was exceptional.

5. Keep calm in playing your regular game – don't lose a game on the team screen. Try to avoid sitting down because your opponent has a whole Icons team, and that's probably what he's been facing all through the weekend so he knows exactly how to beat him, play the style you're used to and you'll have the best chance of winning.

6. Passing accuracy – probably my biggest change this weekend, ensuring accuracy from 85% to over 90%. Not a pass to pass but by taking care of each pass, not hurrying and trying to use the player's strong foot. Abandoning unnecessary acquisition is the worst thing you can do in a tight game.

7. Finish – do not take long shots, have very low chance to score and give unnecessary possession. With all TOTS arriving within the next few weeks, most attackers will have almost perfect shooting, so go for those near the mail, two energy bars and they should go almost every time. Instead, passing the ball after GK is very effective for me.

Edit: A few suggestions for comments

– Toggle admin right stick instead of LB / L1

– Camera angle, find the one that suits you

– a sort of merging of points 5 and 7 but keep calm in the attack, make these high percentage chances rather than rush – even if you lose

My team for those wondering: (Team) (

Thanks for reading, we hope at least one of this help!


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