FIFA 20 FUT 20 is getting its final chance – need someone’s help figuring out how to spend my last coins

I have about 150,000 coins to work with – and I want to know how to get as many packs as possible, for one last try with an awesome player. (I'm thinking of choosing and choosing cheap teams within SBCs in the league, as I have ~ 500 non-negotiable players at my disposal – but open to other ideas.)

Context here – I became extremely addicted to SBC players that couldn't be dealt with, and I built an army of “ value & # 39; & # 39; 87 players (TOTS Fekir, Saul, Ansu Fati, Avila, Maguire, Ings, + POTM Sancho, RS Odeegard, WR Lainer).
Tbh all i want is Fut birthday.

With The Last of Us coming out tomorrow, I will only survive with Fifa Seasons until September – so I don't need to keep pressing myself on Ultimate Team unless I have some better players. Thus – another merry

Help, advice, etc. all appreciated.
But do not try to talk to me.

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  1. thebaconbogey June 18, 2020

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