FIFA 20 Had an interesting interaction with someone trying to do objectives.

Most of the people who achieve goals in D1 will send a message. Most D1 players are ready to help. We are very competitive, nobody wants to destroy the Goals team.

I hold against a man who uses an entire team (who does not do the goals clearly) just like me. Score early. Full celebration, restart, TiVo scene and player returns to the line. Score again, the same. I record, L1 + R1. Score again, the same. 3-1 in half as I receive a message. "Hey, brother. Can you help me achieve the goals? It's just a competitor, my brother, don't take it seriously." I simply reply, "I would have liked to help if you knew how to get past your return." You won 5-3 (not the goal of this story).

What could have gone through this man's mind? Sometimes people celebrate then R1 + L1, and I assume they were taking a sip of water or something. But this man left me no room to give him the advantage of doubt, and wasted my time waiting for half, then he sent me? I simply did not understand.


  1. mcwc89 June 3, 2020
  2. meatmaster1123 June 3, 2020

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