FIFA 20 How to be consistent on this game? (If an Elite player could help me. I can’t get more than G1)

What distinguishes a good player from me? Consistency is clear. This is why professional players always reach 29-1 / 30-0, etc.

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I am a good player, but it seems I am not good enough for this elite FIFA team. (It used to be the elite again when it was 40 games.)

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I assume everything is my fault here, no external interference, no DDA, SMH, nothing, it is all my fault. Perhaps bad defense, bad shooting, I do not know what, but there is a mistake with me. Some games set alight, and some games I can't beat my worst opponent (realizing when I'm young that every button is broken).

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So I'm asking a serious question here: How do you improve / agree? I know almost all game mechanics, etc., but I can't have sex with the elite. Always 21-9, 22-8, but never 23 wins. Sometimes I check whether the controller is working properly or not.

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Barnes from the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (What a bad thing I did). Actually with 500k to improve, maybe I'll get SON and Kante.


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