FIFA 20 Imo FIFA20 is the best FIFA in years!

I skipped FIFA19 because after I played the demo, I was really let down by the few additions that this game just got.

Now with FIFA20 I felt good because the final things like press conferences, interviews and things about career status! The game didn't disappoint me. The gameplay is the best in years, sitting in front of my computer and really enjoying my time even if I lose to an opponent. Lots of great new animations and gameplay features, it looks like a real football game like never before.

Is there room for improvements? Sure, there's a lot. But after the disappointing FIFA18, FIFA 19 is really disappointing, I had a great time with FIFA again. I hope the EA will continue on this path and add more great features, more animations, and more immersion to FIFA21 next year.

And I haven't played Volta yet. I'm sure that's great, too.


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