FIFA 20 My first Elite 3 this past weekend from being a gold 2 player

Finally I broke through the wall and just wanted to give some advice to anyone facing this conflict too:

1. Use that left shuffle L1 / LB when facing pressure. People literally forget just use this lol. It comes in handy when dealing with return opponents just outside their box and finding the space gap to attack.

2. 4 stars WF on my GK helps me a bunch for some reason. That is why I got stuck with FB Neuer on Alisson or anyone else. This helps me to play from the back and switch the game when the pressure reaches the back line. Simple ground pass to change field can work miracles for your attack. Ter Stegen is also 4 stars by the way.

3. I went with 4-4-2 this time, and I think that's why I got more wins. Helping more attackers (and therefore attack options) help because the defense has more to count. Having a TOTS Benzema striker helped me a lot.

This is literally. Lol you can't wait for my damned bundle on thursday. I have finished this game.


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