FIFA 20 Please give me some tips before i lose the will to live

Yeah that sounds like a shriek and I have to "git gud" but I'm fed up with being poor in this game, I've never felt better in anything, and I have a very good team as I was very lucky with the packages, I have 700,000 coins that I hold II Always instead of spending it as I always think "I might need it" or any players I buy I sell after a few games because "Coins are king"

I must have tried every formation in the game and people always say "use what suits your playing style" but I can't have a playing style because everything in the game is 100 mph or a skill that you can't approach, and for attacking everyone just still stands

I tried all the advice that the professionals say, sorted out my camera angle, and don't raced into the attack (which is useless because the enemy is running directly to you and taking the ball)

It may be only because I am in my mid-thirties and my reactions have gone, but I honestly win one game and then lose 4-5 all the time while they are being pushed and wet by people who may be young enough to become my son

I'm constantly thinking of things to try to relax and enjoy the game again for me whether it's a squad or a marquee (s) player then I look at some YouTube users getting 30-0 in the league, and I think how hell does they do that in the game and they come out, I don't I say I want to win every game, but I know I like to get to the point where I go to every game, thinking that I can win

Any advice (or no aversion to patients) no doubt is welcome in the comments


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