FIFA 20 Skill ratings for drafts

I mainly play only drafts or team fights as my teams aren't really good.

The huge problem I face is that every opponent I face is better than me (on the computer), I rarely find a player in div divs on my level (9/10) because everyone is wrong to get easy wins. EA should do this because it makes it impossible to improve when I play against 10-year-old veterans who can read anything I want to do. This ofcourse ppl will misuse this but you will have to waste a lot of coins this is it for you. This will make the game more enjoyable and teach me how to be better.

To register I played the game a lot. I have just over 700 hours in professional mode and playing offline.


  1. hzerope April 21, 2020
  2. moldylungs April 21, 2020

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