FIFA 20 So i tried playing player career today.

There were 4 games in the pre-season very close to each other, so players began to fit 50% each

My loan application was declined,

Dortmund wanted me to start every league game even though I'm ranked 66th,

They set my expectations for a 9.0 rating on my first appearance and scored a goal and help.

The manager told me that my pass was laser-guided and that I needed to stop giving the ball away with my passes.

My players started with 5 stars skills without reason.

Dortmund signed with Marcus Alonso and played with him in R.

I cannot find a tab that shows me what my weakness is. The identifier assumes his presence in the two stars, but given that I have 5-star skills without opening anything I don't know.

I could not use the current teams because EA servers were down at the time.

To add more insults to the injuries, I scored a goal in a friendly match, and I missed an opportunity afterwards, then the news headline the next day described me disappointed due to the lack of a critical goal.

This was all within an hour.


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