FIFA 20 Summary of my first weekend league in FUT 20

Hi guys, I thought I would share my experience and maybe take some advice for improvement.

He was a regular gold player last year, but returning to WL after 7 months was probably a lot harder than I expected. I am 14-13 years old yet, frankly I couldn't believe how I won at least 6-7 games at least.

What I struggled with: creating enough opportunities. Maybe I had more than 10 games or less where I had 10+ shots. For the most part I was clinically, other than hitting the job on a few occasions. Given my preference to play ownership, it surprised me how hard it was to find space for it. Well not very surprising indeed. I have followed this subsection very actively even though I haven't played FUT for 7 months.

What was good: surprisingly, I have a late experience. Given that it was Black Friday, and given that I was stuttering and delayed in competitors (like almost 90% of the community), it surprised me that WL was very smooth. (I'm on the west coast of the United States)

My team: Well, I've changed about 3 times as I struggled for balance
Ramos was non-negotiable, and he got Kane from the icon swap (he had only 15 sad symbols), and De Jong's packages. My luck was surprisingly good this week, and he got Bobby Moore 89 who added some useful money to my team. Griezmann also mobilized in a package of goals, so that my team is well prepared for next week. I completed David Villa, and he was really good, which is very nice to use in advance.

Team: Ter Stegen, Carvajal, Ramos, Milito, Teles, Kane, De Jong, Modric, Yves Monjan (replaced by Griez), Villa, Gold Morales.

In general, I am disappointed with my performance at WL, but I look forward to returning to speed and cracking. Despite judging by the experience of players who finished G1 and above, the luck I had was garbage, perhaps being a G3 or G2 is not bad at all.

Configurations used: (2) and mainly. Seeking to play 4-3-3 type of next week, hope to find a way to play 3 ATB (De Jong may be used as CB central).

Any tips for better opportunity creation? I'm more comfortable with basic skills moves. I may have struggled with passing the most. Who probably answers my problem anyway. Gotta get used to the changes this year.

Cheers comrades! Look forward to any input you may all have. Enjoy the weekend!

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