FIFA 20 The mechanics behind “COMPOSURE” needs to be removed from the game. It is the reason for the randomness of the game

Skip, that's a long point.
Multiplication must be removed from the game which is the reason for the majority of "RNG" in the game. The fundamental liaison is directly related to the error imposed by the "pressure" of opposition players. It cuts the skill gap and cuts through everyone even to the back and the so-called models that EA wants to please.

I have sometimes noticed that I am missing full babysitters from 6 yards from the goal when using players like Mid Eusebio, POTM Neymar, Moments Garrincha and TOTS Richarlison
Not only does shooting, but sometimes as simple as 1-2 scrolls around the box, as in scrolling, behind the intended target. It is surprising to see the ball not go in the direction you are targeting despite there are players with good stats.

Have you ever noticed when you are advancing and your opponents are running team pressure or constant pressure and suddenly your entire team forgets how to pass? As is the case with your passes literally, it is far from its mark and the speed of the passes itself is slower which facilitates interception of artificial intelligence.

I always blame the game and say things like "scripting", "delay", "slow play" and "input delay" but at the end of the day she released it and the mechanics behind it.

I recently started streaming and I have something to enter the console and record my gameplay until I recharge it when edited. I have a fiber internet connection and I get a 5 bar (22-28 ping) connection per game, so it doesn't get late, and now I know it's not a goal because now I can see exactly where each game was targeted.

I noticed that the missed incubators and the wrong passes around the box are due to the opposition team sitting too deep and imposing mistakes on my goal just because of their presence.
I just think it's ridiculous that Garrincha and POTM Neymar misread simple passes around the box despite having 90s + passes but Gold Semedo with 76 passes 70 driven yards can be passed to the wing and works every time without error.

I know there must be some kind of mistake in finishing, weak strength strength, weak foot, shooting angle, shooting power, shot type etc., but all of these are under my control. I can't choose how deep my opponent would like to play in his defense, so just the presence of AI players should not make any mistake on me.
Currently, you can break one depth to defend artificial intelligence and create an opportunity. Literally, you can do everything you can do right and still miss 6 yards with Eusebio despite having a good and just goal because of "libido".

By comparison, games like Call of Duty and Apex legends have things like ammo capacity, reload time, fire rate, damage to each bullet etc., but at the end of the day the target is the target. You're aiming at the head you get a head shot every time, so you shouldn't pay my directed order completely from close range with 99 players weak 5 * for weak footing or going wide due to "pressure". Just get rid of the mechanic and we will have a better game.


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