FIFA 20 TOTS Richarlison Review

This is my first player review, so carry it with me !!

Until we start with his stats;

High / medium work rates
5 stars weak foot
4 star moves skill

Card Statistics (with Engine Engine Style)

Speed ​​- 95 (98)
Shooting – 93
Passing – 89 (94)
Shuffle – 94 (98)

– Agility – 90 (95)
Balance – 83 (93)
Calm 92

Defense – 61
Physical – 91

Now for the actual review.

I've been lucky enough to pack this TOTS Richarlison as a non-negotiable player in the Mega Pack Level 18 reward for Season 18, previously I was switching between Watkins and Thuram.

He transformed my team completely, scoring 64 goals and assisting 21 in 33 games in Division Rivals (Section 3), and basically becoming the second Dalglish in my front pairing.

I'm going to detail individual statistics, as a reference I conducted 41212 (2) with Gullit base in CAM and Dalglish base next to it (sometimes using TOTS Jimenez)

Speed ​​- 95 (98)
* 10/10 *

I think this guy is almost talking about himself. It glows up quickly, puts the ball through the CAM to run to it and almost * guaranteed * a goal, you are at least a guaranteed shot on goal. Even if he picks it up in half, it will guide his inner son Hyung Min, and the opposition turns to Burnley's weak side.

Shooting – 93
* 9/10 *

It's a little weird, I see people using the falcon to improve their photography stats, but frankly I can't see it making a big difference, I'm using a drive to achieve this flexibility and balance because I've been told this is the only way to move forward these days 😂.
He will finish 9 out of 10 chances (and then evaluate), whether it is to his left or right because of that weak 5-star foot, and if you hit the right bumper for ingenuity, you are lucky, any angle, and a foot, you get a goal . I feel bad about putting it in a rating, but this time out of 10 is usually due to user error or cannons blocking it.

Passing – 89 (94)
* 9/10 *

If I'm completely honest, I don't pass the ball with this guy often, he reminds us of Arian Robin, and he doesn't like giving up the ball, and I imagine my chances of running with him more than I do passing the ball to someone else … the reason he got 9/10 is He averages more than he helps each two games, which is very good for the striker. If he returns to CAM in a match to start Jimenez, that weak 5-star foot * again * comes in handy, he behaves like De Bruyne's cleverness.

Shuffle – 94 (98)
* 10/10 *

This card is the only player you used to dodge if not better than Messi. It weaves through midfields and defenses and as soon as it approaches this square, it can pretend to be bullets or la croqueta or curled or McGeady spin in space easily, and take away the shot. LT RT's dodging is in my opinion better than any other player using Richarlison however it does not match my playing style and I usually have a heavy touch and I get past the defenders to beat the goal.

Defense – 61
* 6/10 *

In my opinion it is not worth mentioning the striker, I doubt that anyone who will play this card more than the CAM, can handle the ball, and the only reason he does not get 4 or 5/10 is because of the angles his jump gets these heads, and will keep them away from danger more than Laporte moments!

Physical – 91
* 8/10 *

And finally, for the physicist, this is a surprise to me. He is fairly strong (for a small player) who can hold his own companion, with good strength, but the most important stats for his body are jumping and stamina, and he will last for about 90 minutes completely, and he scored from many angles for me, which maybe because of the accuracy of the title 99 …


(I will do this using the Marshall System because I think it is very good)

* General rating – 9.8 / 10 *
* Currency value – 9/10 *
* Enjoy 10/10 *

On Xbox, it currently sits on just over 1 million, when you compare that to other cards about this value, it's definitely worth it in my opinion, but it's very expensive.

I loved using this card, as he alone accomplished Jimenez's goals, and unlike the Saudi ones, he opened Romarenho.

Hope this was useful, and appreciate any feedback! Tell me if you want to see any other player reviews and see if you've used it (all coins are linked to investments so I can't buy anyone right now)

I hope that everyone is okay!
love and peace


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