FIFA 20 Weekend League in Review

Weekend League Review

Gold finish 1, 20-10 record

The 4231 team was in the game with players in these positions,

ST: Swap icon Didier Drogba

CAM: RTTF and Willian

Ram: Lucas Mora

L: Christian Pulisic

LDM: Alan

RDM: Fabinho

LB: Alex Sandro

LCB: Matthias de Ligt

RCB: Chris Smalling informed

RB: Kyle Walker

GK: Wojech Szczesny

Complete statistics on Excel sheet at the bottom of the post.

Best performers: Drogba and Willian were very good. They could not stop scoring Drogba was bullying the likes of Ramos, and dancing around the Bakery Scream which seems to be in 80% of the teams I play these days. Willian was a threat, whether he helped, mastered, or interfered with Drogba, and was implicated. Including the last three games in which she needed to win them all in her first gold finals, he dominated every man and won each game, making him beat 10.0 full points in the return 2-1 victory in the final.

Player Reviews:

Drogba: The absolute bully. Everyone here seems to be against him, because of his screaming and poor movement. However he is my favorite player all the time so I get it regardless. This decision turned into tremendous success. With 53 contributions in 30 games, I couldn't ask for more strikers. He scored many clutch goals and was helping more than I expected. I used the chemical sniper technique and this allowed me to take full advantage of his moves in Skill 4 *. One of the best goals I scored this weekend was an incredible individual effort with him. He collected the ball at the top of 18, rounded around Ramos, stopped a fake shot, spin berea past Pique's cry, to the left foot bar down the last crush Ter Stegen. 9.5 / 10

RTTF Willian: He played the CAM role in the center in 4231. He was perfect for this role. His death is better than the statistics suggest, as is the shooting. With his chemical sniper finishing method gets a much needed boost. There were extensions where he was more clinical than Drogba, and his small frame and high dribbling stats make it very difficult. He was facing elite defenders in every game and puts them in a blender. In the final 1-0 down, he scored two goals in a few minutes of each other to pull gold 1. Whenever you need a big late goal, it was he who came, whether he set it up or scored himself, came through in the clutch. If Chelsea pass and this card is upgraded, it will be non-stop. 9.6 / 10

OTW Pulisic: I played as a stand in my team. This Pulisic card was purchased as an investment the day before to continue scoring the perfect trick goal. As a Chelsea fan, you need to give him the chance to upgrade when he got promoted. I was not disappointed. His abilities in play and entertainment are great, especially with his crazy power. His shots shoots are basically useless, but in 1 on 1 positions he was very clinically. I used it mostly to drip around the edge of 18 and hammer in low crosses to Drogba and Willian. He really needs another upgrade, and then he gets there with Sane, RTTF Martial and Mane as an elite of BPL Left Wingers. 10/08

Lucas Mora: If someone watches Fuji RTG, they know how good this guy is. It was great to help me get the chemistry for the Brazilians in my team, and it was very important for the team. Lucas always seemed to appear on those loose balls, bouncing back goals. In the lower right, he will outperform almost any left-back without the name Semedo. He was great at linkup, and a very strong player in my side. 8.3 / 10

Allan: Alan played the left defensive midfield in my team. I did not return him and allowed him to roam forward. His game was solid and he scored more goals than expected, was clinical and even hit several shots when the scrolling options ran out. His defense and speed are great when you return to defense. I was in control of this player when I was in defense and was great at breaking up the game. 8.7 / 10

Fabino: The middle of the right defense, I replied to stay. It was great at dismantling toys. If I had a bit on the edge of the 18th, it was great to own bikes. If my opponent wins the ball and tries to block it, he often blocks it or puts a player in a confrontation. He won one MOTM and he had a large number of assists. His shot does not exist, but his departure, physical, and defense is the reason for the formation of the team. With his frequency shade very usable. 8.5 / 10

Alex Sandro: One of my favorite players on the team. I usually don't spend much on appearing, but I decided this weekend and it made a big difference. I decided to allow backbacks to roam forward without instructions. He was excellent at overlapping with Pulisic and had 4 assists from the full back. He even managed to score the second-to-last goal in my first gold push. He was excellent in defense as well, and his pace was not disturbing as he continued to recruit and then stopped them over and over again. 9.2 / 10

Kyle Walker: There was another good decision including the royal elite. He wasn't as good as Sandro, but he was better defensive. He had left opposition wings in his pocket. It can match almost anyone quickly, beating almost everyone in fitness. It was a big push forward that allowed Lucas to drift inside. His biggest disadvantage was dribbling, and his hair was very rhetoric and sometimes became little when he tried to turn quickly to evade the pressing wing. 7.7 / 10

OTW De Ligt: steel, solid, solid. De Lig is very good this year, he has a good pace, great defense, jumped my body and wonderful. He was good in the air and the team did not endorse a single goal that was far from the cross. I used Ramos earlier in the week and it was good, but De Ligt was close to this level. With an additional upgrade will be a force in defensive.

Smalling informed: The big surprise this weekend, the whole reason I reworked my team and sold Ramos. You used it in the draft and it was a tank. With strength in the high 90s. No one can be surprised by his long spider legs and no one can win his head in the box. The best defender in my team by long shot. For 13k this card is incredible with Chem anchor pattern. It looks like he will get second information this week after three goal contributions from the center, a card that will go directly to my team. 9.5 / 10

Szczesny: a wonderful keeper in this game. He is the second best goalkeeper I have used just after Ter Stegen. There were many games where he stood on his head and kept me alive. I overcame the difference and I had no business because of this guy-sticks. 9/10

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