FIFA 20 What is going on with WL?

So, I am not the best player ever (div 6, gold 3). I've played only 3 games in the WL this year – one in March, and the second when the German TOTS where the league in red, and the third this week. Can anyone explain to me why WL feels like AF written? I play a lot of competitors and these things never happen there. WL is a different animal. When I am one or more goals, my players turn into trucks and don't know how to play football anymore. They can not even pass 10 feet straight to a colleague in the team during the consideration of them. I go through 1 to 1 with Neymar, and he misses the goal by 3 feet. Like WTF? Does anyone else get tired of the same bastard? It feels so bad when I score, because I know my opponent is about to pass through everyone in my team and makes Ter Stegen look like a 9-year-old toddler. I feel like I would be better off by waiting until the 90th minute and then trying to score. Has anyone else noticed this (especially since TOTS is out)? It might be another WL, CBA to destroy my temper with this sweat and EA trying to do their best to lose me.


  1. enzeekay May 31, 2020
  2. nkootstra May 31, 2020

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