FIFA 20 What the hell has happened to fifa after the last update?

Real, what the hell happened with FIFA after the last update. Each individual correction adapted to the game play in a delayed state, so far I have been good at …. but this WL was tantamount to torture.

Skills moves just do not record, at all whether these ball rolls or drag them or their heels to the heel. They said they adjusted the job site alignment but I'm from the UK and 90% of the players I play are from outside the UK where most (especially the French) have some form of communication between God and the servers. I've pressed the Elite 3 not to use this FIFA consistently, but regardless of the composition (sticking to a width of 3 depth 5) and descriptive formations, I feel that my team is blown open to face attacks every time, I read passes from my opponent and covers passers-by using either Kante / de jong with shadow cards turned on (manually) but the pass passes directly to my players. I have prepared for the defenders and the CDM (I have tried many instructions) but I am still open when my opponent comes to me. I don't want to play 1 deep down, but if I don't, I face every single game without failing, and that's pretty boring because I prefer to lose .. I face a game, instead of defense but I feel like I have nothing on the attacking side and even less in Defensive end now.

Let's not start with this delay, it was a terrible delay this weekend (I think the worst ever) I had the best play last night as I won 9 straight games on WL but why should I play at night? Even the game of drafts is absolute, I followed a game and one story with delays, you literally can not adopt a style of play you want to play, I feel like I forgot how to get attacked and how to defend it since the last update. Has anyone else? This metadata is quite shameful. I still can win gold 1 and I played some very good players this weekend, but I don't want to play at one depth at all. I want to be able to defend manually like previous updates, but if you are defending manually now, the players will just be okay from the situation it seems.

This game is a wicked show, so I don't know where to start. Seriously what is next for FIFA's future?

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