FIFA 20 Why EA Needs to Compensate Everyone for TOTS Red Picks

This is a completely different situation compared to the previous error as red shots are replaced by gold players. This bug resulted in a selection of any gold player, making the choices effectively worthless.

In this case, anyone claiming their rewards and managed to choose players, even if there was no LaLiga team, received at least two of more than 90 of SBC's free classified feeds. Depending on the console, more than 100,000 coins will be overdue by prosecutors, without any error on their part.

For some people, these choices are the last piece to complete time-sensitive SBCs, and there is a reasonable expectation that every Thursday morning you will get something red shots. Assuming the EA does not reissue the selections before 1pm EST, many players may be in competition, due to an EA error only.

This does not fall into the competitive disruption of G1 + G2 players who are likely to receive more choices than elite class players.

Modify: To clarify, I think everyone should have had a chance to unlock the wrong footage, and later EA launches the corrected options. This makes everyone equal and does not disturb the competitive balance. Unlike the previous problem with the golden players instead of the red in the shots, the "affected" players * are still getting something of great value


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