FIFA 20 Yesterday’s proof of EA putting cards on the market to trick people into buying more packs is absolutely intolerable

Until yesterday, we finally got a hint as well as some evidence that the EA is using another mechanism to suck coins from the market, as well as tricking people into buying more packages. The fact that this hasn't caught your attention lately, as it can affect you more than you think.

the reasons:
1) Lower package weight will increase the price of more TOTY cards. This, along with price ranges, will effectively ensure that EA can absorb as many currencies as possible from players who spend a lot of money on the game during the first minutes of time in groups.
2) People see cards appearing in the transportation market, giving them the wrong belief that they too can pack these players and thus unlock more packages in vain.

Facts to support my claim:
1) The amount of TOTY players who fall into the market during lightning rounds is approximately the same amount that is dropped when the lightning rounds end. During those rounds, players must be filled in more frequently than in periods when there are no packages in store.
2) It appears that every player in the game was bought at a maximum price in the first half of the hour has 2-3 owners, and the amount purchased previously is not visible. I have to admit that I don't know if they're supposed to be visible, but no trader in his right mind would just buy a buy to sell it instantly and lose 200,000 losses. Maybe one or two people do that, but they are definitely an exception here. And every TOTY that became extinct in the version I saw had had many previous owners, although people were cutting them like crazy.

The evidence supporting my claim.
1) The last part of the puzzle yesterday was the kante TOTY that appears on the transport market, although it is not in packages. People who claim there is a 50/50 chance of packing TOTY vs. TOTW are completely wrong, because the reason the EA implemented this feature without ever using it. The computerized system does not make such random errors, and every time multiple special versions of the card have been available in the past, one of them has made them unfair (please tell me if I'm wrong with this).

EDIT- People commented that I am wrong in the last part, which is fair enough. I will leave the part and leave it to yourself to judge


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