Fortnite A Meteor Advancement Mission Challenges Cheat Sheet Map Sites

Here’s a map to deceive the important A Meteoric Rise Challenges paper released earlier today.

Epic released an image of the secret / mysterious skin of Fortnite Season 10 earlier today, which bears the name “The Scientist”. Along with the release of Mystery Skin Season 10, Epic also updated the decription of visiting skin.

In order to unlock the secret skin of Season 10, players must complete all the challenges of the mission of “A Meteoric Rise”. Along with the skin, players can also upgrade their battle season 10 faster by completing these challenges as they provide five of seven challenges for 10-star battle players. The skin of the world also had a back bling called Star Surge, which is also rewarded by completing a challenge.

The following is a complete list of the challenges facing the Ae Meteoric Rise mission:

Reddit user RyanStoffelen has created a cheat sheet map to help players complete the challenges of A Meteoric Rise mission as quickly as possible. The cheat sheet identifies the locations of the various fault zones around the map as well as the locations where the giant glow cubes and rust are located over Lotte Lake and the landing pod on the map. You can check the cheat sheet below:

Meteor Rise Mission Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map
Meteor Rise Mission Fortnite Cheat Sheet Map

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