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Fortnite mobile is a battle game where you must stay to the end and kill people. You can either play alone or in a band (Fortnite Mobile Clans). If you love Counter Strike you will definitely love Fortnite mobile. Let's tell you some basic things related to this game and Clans Fortnite Mobile.

What are Fortnite Mobile Clans?

In the game, there is a section of the clan and the crew. In the clan, random people can join and play together. Now if we're talking about Fortnite clans for mobile devices, and if we look from the word, we can assume that this is a clan where all mobile users play together. It records your weekly activity, seasonal activity and status (if you are online, how long are you in the game). To make them competitive they also provided ranks so you can see your place in the clan.

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How to start the game?

Let's first talk about how many players can play together? Well, there are many options like solo, duo or in the squad, but since we're talking about clans, we know there can be no more than four players in a team like who's kidding? You land on a part of the map where you don't have any weapons at first except the very unhelpful ax, but then you collect all the things you don't need to forget about them the most important thing first aid and medical staff because if God forbid you are away from the safe area and you can't To find a car to reach the circuit, you need a lot of bandages and energy drinks to restore your health. Since the game is about survival, you need to survive and kill all the other players to win. Clans Fortnite Mobile Make it more fun, because you're basically playing with your friends.

What things make you want to play Fortnite?

Number one will be voice chat. You can connect with members of Fortnite mobile clans and talk to them throughout the game without any difficulties. It is easier to talk on voice chat rather than chat because the person who has time to write during a match like will be practical. The second number is how you can't get enough of the game. The graphics are amazing and with the update every month, the game becomes more interesting. Don't compare it with PUBG mobile because Fortnite mobile is more advanced and better.

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