Free Fortnite PlayStation Plus Pack – including cosmetics, release date and game gallery infiltration

Names and rarities were detected as well as an approximate release date for the new PlayStation Plus package.

A new celebration package for PlayStation Plus members was announced on Twitter by the official Greece PlayStation account two days ago.

PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack is now available for download in New Zealand free of charge and will be available worldwide tomorrow, September 17. The package contains the ax, wrap, drawing, and banner. Below you can see the list of cosmetic names:

Fortnite PlayStation Plus – What Included Celebration Pack

  • Antenna Twin Shagging
  • Radiant blue wrap
  • Flail Emoji
  • 1 banner
Playstation Plus Celebration Pack
Playstation Plus Celebration Pack

Two of the cosmetics available in the package have recently been decrypted. Radiant blue wrap of epic scarcity while Peak Twin Pickaxe is rare with the “axial duo pickaxe Pneumatic” descrption.

Fortnite twin antenna shagging and radioactive wrap
Fortnite twin antenna shagging and radioactive wrap

ShiinaBR, a popular database, published an in-game presentation of both Pneumatic Twin Pickaxe and Radiant Blue Wrap on different elements, both of which can be seen in the video below:

PS Plus celebration package release date

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PlayStation Celebration Pack will be released worldwide tomorrow, September 17. The package is currently available for download in Australia and New Zealand. There is no appointment information or whether this will ever leave the PlayStation Store.

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