GTA V GTA V PC frame rate question for pc players

I have had a GTAV computer since its release and my computer meets / exceeds the hardware requirements. The game uses extremely smooth gameplay at 60fps 1080p. Most of the settings were very high and high and the slides were at least halfway. As time went on with all updates online, I noticed a drop in the performance frame rate. The game will always remain at 60fps favorite without problem. Nowadays, less than 60 frames and certain areas always drop to nearly 50 frames. Most of the time is at 60 but the game won't stay there so I always have to mess with the graphics settings. I am using some script tweaks which are very light and do not require. Basically just adjusting the texture to make weapons / players look better. I am only curious if any other computer player deals with the same problem. The game was very well optimized in the first few months of the release. I even see the unfortunate pop of some buildings, etc. It might be my computer but I don't think so. The game is very bloated now with all these online updates it's crazy. Let me know how your games work because I'm curious. I am going to build a new PC at the moment but it will not be ready for a while. thank you all! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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