GTA V Mk2 attachment wishlist

The upgrade that I think would have completed the MK2 rifles would have fired the gernande launcher under the roof for several reasons, the gernande launcher underneath would be very useful in appropriate situations because often when you rush with a car and you have a shotgun in hand chances are but you will die if you can detonate the car with a fence below you will have At least an opportunity.

I've already thought about how it might work, we already have a fairly quick but throwing option which is not beneficial since your character is unable to throw good lengths to take out people or tactical vehicles so the lower bed can use the same controls as a quick throw of the bottom liner, it can be Get ammo for the launcher from the Ethier the mk2 work benches or from the Quick List menu

Now I know some people will be asking but why would I buy the lower and lower and lower will be more tactical and then throw it will be able to launch the projectile faster and farther with more accuracy because of its ability to target, the biggest advantage is that the projectile will explode upon contact with a vehicle or another person but It can be used tactically if a wall is shot

Now that's just my opinion on how this works, but I honestly think the lower store would have been awesome for both role players and archers


  1. blackandwhite568 June 22, 2020
  2. Mogster2K June 22, 2020

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