How To Repair Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

"Red Ring of Death" is an integral part of your Xbox 360. Red Ring of Death is a recurring event that can be easily repaired during the warranty period.

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For each type of red light that flashes, there is a different meaning that refers to something. Ring Red of Death occurs only when 3 red lights appear bright on the face of the console when someone turns on the system. Only a quarter of the circle at the top right is still colorless.

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One reason for the 360's malfunction may be that its cables must be loose or must be completely disconnected. Check all wires and cables to see if they are connected to the right and restart the device to see if it works well. Another reason to show the Red Ring of Death may be because of the high temperature of 360 due to a lot of games. Turn off the console for two to four hours. Turn on the system and allow it to restart. Finally if any of the above methods do not seem useful, one should understand that there is a hardware failure and cannot be repaired properly when sitting at home. In case of hardware failure: When you feel there is nothing to solve the Red Ring of Death issue, contact Microsoft people at (800) 4MY-XBOX.

A box will be sent by them to you to put your Xbox inside it and send it back to them. After Microsoft has thoroughly scanned the system and you agree that it is Red Ring of Death, you are likely to send you an updated Xbox 360 copy, not the one you sent.

Be sure not to send the hard drive or cables to it while retransmitting the 360, as they will only return the console. Warranty Rejection: Xbox 360 comes with a Microsoft warranty to handle the appearance of red rings. Although there are certain conditions, which if not followed well, may lead to the inability to take advantage of warranty services that seek to rectify.

This may occur if you remove or tamper with any of the stickers. Take a special note of the Microsoft-labeled stickers at the bottom of the front panel and another with the product number on the back of the console. All other reasons aside, if the company finds that the console has been tampered with in any way, the warranty provided will be canceled.

Prevent the appearance of three rings: By ensuring a few simple measures, one can easily avoid the occurrence of a red death ring. First, avoid playing on your Xbox for more than eight hours at a time. This will overheat the console. Two, always put the console in an open space. Try keeping the console in cool conditions by either plugging a small fan into your Xbox 360 or placing it in front of the table fan. Third, when you intend to buy an Xbox 360, make sure that the latest is made because it is always more reliable than older devices.

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