Killer Instinct Season 2

"Killer Instinct Season 2" gets the release date for Xbox One

According to an announcement by Gamescon, "Killer Instinct Season 2" received a release date. The game will hit the Xbox One on October 15 and includes eight fighters, including Maya and TJ Combo. Once the game is released, players can choose to purchase Ultra Edition or Combo Breaker Edition.

"Killer Instinct Season 2" Ultra Combo Edition

Season 2 Ultra Edition costs $ 39.99 and will come with eight fighters, accessory packs, fighter costumes, early access to new characters and the old 1996 game port "Killer Instinct 2." Anyone who buys the Ultra Edition between September 23 and October 14 can access the TJ Combo immediately.

For those who want to spend a little less money, get Combo Breaker Edition for $ 19.99. This package will give players access to all fighters in Season 2, but they will not have access to other extras. Each fighter in the second season will be kicked out once a month, for eight months.

Players who don't want to buy a second season package can still buy new fighters individually for only $ 4.99. If they are planning to buy the eight, it is better to buy either Ultra Edition or Combo Breaker Edition.

Play Demo is now available

The package model for season 2 should not shock anyone. When the first season was announced, I followed a similar plan where players can purchase the Combo Breaker package or the Ultra version. The season 1 free edition was a playable demo of the game, which can now be captured on Xbox Live. It included only one playable character, Jago, but it allowed players to try all game modes. Many fighting games have started using this model recently because it allows players to buy only the characters they want instead of paying fees for characters they won't use.

As an added bonus, game developers have confirmed that Mick Gordon has re-played music for Season 2. They also confirmed that the original soundtrack "Killer Cuts" and "Killer Instinct Season 1" will be released on September 23. It should not be shocking that this is the same The day Microsoft finally released the physical addition to Season 1. This physical version will include all the DLC released for the first season, as well as early access to Season 2's character, TJ Combo.

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