Krunker Arsonist (Flame Thrower)

Why wasn't the slanderer added to Kronker?
1. Causes a lag of a ton of particles
2. The reference is too or weak
3. Doesn't fit in the game ????

To make the flamethrower not cause lag, we can just make the flame model, it has gif texture, it basically works like skin, it will not cause lag because there are no particles

Balanced Fire – 110 HP, slow motion speed, flamethrower with 20 direct damage in 0.1 seconds, then 7 continuous damage for 5-10 seconds, no secondary, 30 ammo, 100 rate of fire

You can still zoom in on the map with the flamethrower

Does not fit in the game is just a personal opinion, it should not be taken into account when adding a category

Please add a bonfire


  1. GarryReallySucks August 12, 2020
  2. GarryReallySucks August 12, 2020
  3. rypenguin219 August 12, 2020

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