Hello my friends, this is my first post. In my opinion this is the rank of the most logical krunker class. I was not happy with the other posts around the class rows, (even one of them said the feud was better than the sniper). So I figured out, well, why don't I rank my own rating. (I am 23, I played for 1.5 years and I know what to say)

So here it is:

1. Hunter. This class is known to be the most powerful rifle. They are single shots with the exception of machine gun, as pierce made (you can fire through some walls and still one shots)
2. Marxman. This category, I know, is not frequently used, and is probably not the most welcome category. But if you have a mouse, you can only annoy everyone with it because of the high rate of fire. You can also control each one
3. Triggerman. This category is frequently used and is similar to the "default" category commonly used by guests. The assault rifle can face almost anything.
4. The detective. This class has 6 bullets for almost 2 shots all. The damage caused to him is not fair to the hunter because the pistol can fire at him without doing the head.
5. Commando. Shoots 3 bullets at a time, handling damage very good. But when you use it for the first time, it looks really strange.
6. Agent. This category is the reference in the short term. Although it doesn't have a domain, the high spam rate strikes a balance between it. Crouching also made things much better.
7. Run N Gun. I do not understand this class. I know it works faster than the operator, but the damage is like a goose with one hand in the band.
8. Spray n spray. The weapon of this class is not the best, but it usually bothers someone and still wins because of their health. Kinda new weapon.
9. Bowman. This class can fire everything but the speed of the bullet is as slow as hell. But he's a sniper counter.
10. A missile. Far beyond the hedgehog but the bullet is moving slowly like a man. It requires no skill. Straight noob weapon.
11. Vince. This literally requires no skill. Approaching someone. You shoot. It shoots everything at close range though.
12. Runner. No one uses this category except in parkour when you do not need weapons.

I hope you find this arrangement reasonable.


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