Krunker New weapon idea, probably terrible

Name: Autocannon / Heavy Cannon

Damage: high, maybe 25 on the arms / legs, 30 on the body, 45-55 on the head

Pearce: Assuming it means the penalty applied to each bullet's damage * after * passing through the target, maybe 1 only (standard for AK / Famas)

Range: 800 (just under a pistol)

Ammunition: 12-20

Reload: Between LMG and Rocket Launcher, so maybe 2.5 seconds

ROF: Half-ROF LMG (250), but still fully automatic

Propagation: 100 (applicable to hip-fire, such as AK / Revolver)

Zoom: 1.45 (like the pistol)

Swap time: 500 (slightly longer than Rocket Launcher)

Target Speed: 200 (as LMG / Rocket Launcher)

& # x200B;

The category you are using is probably not secondary, and has playback speed like Rocketeer. I just wanted a big gun * shaking * when I shot it.


  1. Chemical-Bill April 30, 2020
  2. xX--Nameless--Xx April 30, 2020

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