Krunker Votekick sustem suggestions

Well, so the new voting system feels useless. You can never expel an intruder and that's why his company intends not to vote or not to vote at all. I noticed that guests could not vote for kicking. Well, in a game where 50% of the lobby is guests, removing the option to participate in stupid silent sounds. If in the hallway 4 guests (this is very normal from my experience) you cannot get a pirate kick.

Sue my thinking is to let everyone in the lobby vote (expect the hacker duh)

The way you work now is that there is a timer, and that you need 4 voices to kick a person. There is also an identifier that says whether we remove this timer completely and make the box stay until you either yes or no.

I've also seen players say others may not see it, which may be true, but I didn't know it was there when adding it and when the window first appeared, I immediately noticed it was so hard to believe it.

I think contrast can be pumped a little bit to make it more noticeable.

tl: dr Allow everyone to vote, remove the timer, force everyone to vote, and increase the contrast to get more visibility


  1. KrunkerLi December 17, 2019
  2. phantoOmz December 17, 2019
  3. AvengerFan_Krunker December 17, 2019

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